A Few Thoughts from Someone I Deeply Respect

Ran across some notes I took last year at Catalyst ... thought I would pass them along

We fall in love with the way we do ministry

We keep doing it because we are comfortable and in love with it … not because the idea is effective.

No pain … No change

The great leader changes what the next person would change.

Where are we manufacturing energy?????? Where are things going on that we are not all that excited about them???? Where are we pretending.

Its not that easy anywhere …. Being a leader is not easy.

Acknowledge what’s not working and admit why you are not willing to do anything about it. Why am I unwilling to deal with this.

If you don’t make the changes the next person is going to anyway.
Ran across these notes from a talk I heard Andy Stanley do last year at Catalyst ... thought I would pass them along.

When your memories exceed your dreams your end is near.

I want to be an expert on how to do ministry in the future. Am I willing to be more vision oriented than celebration oriented?

Create a church that un-churched people love to attend

Don’t let success overshadow your visions

Success breeds complacency and complacency breeds failure

We are uniquely built to do something society can get nowhere else.

The problem with our nation is heart …. We have heart issues

Leaders need to lead with extradinary creativity and courage.