Today at Connect

I got to preach today at Connect. As I prepared the talk, I had this clear message from God. He wanted me to share a simple truth from Proverbs 3 and Psalm 90. I struggled with it. I had a lot of questions. I just wanted to make sure it was from Him and not from me.

So ... after over two weeks of preparation, I delivered the talk and I believe God was honored. I'm sure I did what He wanted me to do.

I shared truths out of Proverbs like
... do not forget my teaching. I particularly struggled with this part because so many times I forget God's teaching and cram though life on my own teaching. Not what God wants!
... do not let love and faithfulness ever leave you. I told a story about a gang member at Francis Chan's church. I read it this week on the Catalyst filter. It was a moving story about a gang member who got more out of gangs than he did the church. He said that gangs love more than two hours a week.
... trust in the Lord with ALL your heart. What does it look like for a person to trust God with all their heart? I struggled with this one too. I want to trust God with all my heart. I want Connect to trust God that much as well.
... do not be wise in your own eyes. This one was yet another hard phrase to talk about. I mean, we Americans are so guilty of this one! We think we have so many things figured out! Only in God will things ever be right.
... honor God with your wealth. We are so rich! God wants us to honor Him with our wealth. He gave it to us in the first place. He wants us to honor Him with it. What does it really look like to honor God with our wealth?

Speaking in public makes me really nervous. It always has. I have to trust in God to ever get anything said worth saying. It is painfully hard for me to hear God and deliver His message. I hope I did today.

On a personal note ... I love God! I love the way He works. I love His mystery. I love the way He chooses to do things and I love the fact that He doesn't tell us everything He's up to. Praise Him. He is before all things and worthy of my praise forever and ever and ever!!!!!!