Day 20 ... 22 Days to Change

Grace. The story of a God who did what we cannot do.
Think about it for a minute. God - did - what - we - cannot - do.

He saved us! He reached down and made us clean. And — He is still doing that today. People all over the world are coming to know Him, and His grace is alive and well.

Think about that as it relates to the students we love. He loves them as well. He LOVES them. Really loves them. He knows them and He LOVES them. He is a God who is mighty to save and is doing that even now.

Today, lets pray for God to somehow reach down and save the lost students we cross paths with today. Lets ask Him, lets beg Him, lets cry out to Him to reach down and save these incredible teenagers.

Only 2 more days left.

Day 19 ... 22 Days to Change

meditate on these words today ...

everyone needs compassion ... a love that's never failing ... let mercy fall on me
everyone need forgiveness ... a kindness of a savior ... the hope of nations
my savior, he can move the mountains, my God is mighty to save, my God is mighty to save
forever the author of salvation, He rose and conquered the grave, Jesus rose and conquered the grave
so take me as you find me, all my fears and failures, fill my life again, I give my life to follow
everything I believe in now i surrender
shine your light and let the whole world see ... we are singing for the glory of the Risen King—Jesus

— pray for God to help students get it. Ask God to break through and teach students this truth.

Day 18 ... 22 Days to Change

On this day ... 18 days after we began this little experiment, lets pray for students to know the grace of Jesus. They are living in terribly confusing days and they need us to go before God on their behalf. They need Jesus. Do we believe that? Do we really? If you read those words and your answer was no ... then stop now and pray for yourself. If your answer was yes, then stop now and pray! Ask God to soften the hearts of students all over the nation.