Day 22 - 22 Days to Change

Day 22 already!

It really is amazing ... we've been praying for 22 days.

There's no way to no what's really taken place. Only God Himself understands what happens when we pray the way we have. We do know God wants us to pray and that our prayers make a difference. We do know our prayers are not in vain. We do know our loving God cares. He hears and responds.

As we wrap this up, lets pray one more time. Lets make this another day of thanksgiving. Lets thank God for hearing our prayers. Lets thank Him for the blessing we get to experience by involving ourselves with teenagers. Lets thank Him for His love for us and love for the students we face day in and day out. Lets thank Him for answering our prayers.

He is mighty to save!
Praise be to God for the great things He has done and ... is doing.
Glory to Him.
He is truly good.
He is truly love.


Day 21 - 22 Days to Change

For 21 days some of us have prayed.

We've gone before God on behalf of American students.
We've asked God for all kinds of things.

Now, with just one more day to go, lets spend today and tomorrow thanking Him for what He's been doing and what's ahead. I'm certain great days are coming soon.

Remember, He is mighty to save!
and ... don't forget what God has placed you where you are to make a difference.

Have peace.


Day 20 ... 22 Days to Change

Grace. The story of a God who did what we cannot do.
Think about it for a minute. God - did - what - we - cannot - do.

He saved us! He reached down and made us clean. And — He is still doing that today. People all over the world are coming to know Him, and His grace is alive and well.

Think about that as it relates to the students we love. He loves them as well. He LOVES them. Really loves them. He knows them and He LOVES them. He is a God who is mighty to save and is doing that even now.

Today, lets pray for God to somehow reach down and save the lost students we cross paths with today. Lets ask Him, lets beg Him, lets cry out to Him to reach down and save these incredible teenagers.

Only 2 more days left.

Day 19 ... 22 Days to Change

meditate on these words today ...

everyone needs compassion ... a love that's never failing ... let mercy fall on me
everyone need forgiveness ... a kindness of a savior ... the hope of nations
my savior, he can move the mountains, my God is mighty to save, my God is mighty to save
forever the author of salvation, He rose and conquered the grave, Jesus rose and conquered the grave
so take me as you find me, all my fears and failures, fill my life again, I give my life to follow
everything I believe in now i surrender
shine your light and let the whole world see ... we are singing for the glory of the Risen King—Jesus

— pray for God to help students get it. Ask God to break through and teach students this truth.

Day 18 ... 22 Days to Change

On this day ... 18 days after we began this little experiment, lets pray for students to know the grace of Jesus. They are living in terribly confusing days and they need us to go before God on their behalf. They need Jesus. Do we believe that? Do we really? If you read those words and your answer was no ... then stop now and pray for yourself. If your answer was yes, then stop now and pray! Ask God to soften the hearts of students all over the nation.


Day 17 ... 22 Days to Change

17 days into the 22 Days of Change prayer challenge. Just a few more days to go. We need to pray more than ever. That's clear. Today, let's pray for God to give us what it takes to finish.

Day 16 ... 22 Days to Change

Pray for students to get along with their parents. Ask the Lord to give them the ability to put aside selfishness and focus on being fair and just.

15 Days to Change

Pray for students to have joy. Ask the Lord to help them discover His joy ... The only true joy.


Day 14 ... 22 Days to Change

Pray for students to LOVE.

What else is there to say??? How cool would it be if 2009 was marked by Christians really loving the way Christ loves us? How awesome would it be if non-believers witnessed real love coming from our churches?

Lets bow before God today and ask Him to create loving hearts in the lives of the students we face day in and day out.

"For they will know us by our love."


Day 13 ... 22 Days to Change

Pray for students to BELIEVE.

It is apparent that we are surrounded by students who simply don't believe. Not sure why ... Its just the way it is.
This lack of faith is troubling to say the least. Why are they like this? How did we end up where we are? What is the answer?

I know part of the answer is for people to pray. It is the greatest thing we can do and it makes a difference.

For 13 days some of us have been faithfully going to God on behalf of these students. Things are happening. We are fighting a battle only God understands. Don't quit. Pray and ask God to make you strong and keep you going.


Day 12 ... 22 Days to Change

Pray for students to trust in things that last.

As adults, we model what we trust and we make great mistakes when we trust in things on earth. Our faith has got to be in God.

So ... the prayer, for today is two part — lets pray that we will trust in God as adults. Lets sit before God and worship Him ourselves. Lets ask God to fill us with passion for Him. Ask Him to make our faith strong. Second, lets ask God to raise a generation of students that trust in Him and not the things the temporary world in which we live.

Our world needs to see people who really trust in God ... we need to trust like never before.


Day 11 - 22 Days to Change

God's grace is amazing! Do we believe it? Do we really?
Then lets ask God to open the eyes of the students we minister to every week and show them this amazing grace.

Here are a few things to get you started this morning.

Ask God to slow students down so they can listen and experience His grace.
Ask God to give you a better understanding of His grace so you can share it more effectively.
Take a few minutes today and meditate on the word grace. Journal. Write down what it means.
After you journal, ask God to show you one student that needs this grace.
Drive over to a school where you have students today and pray in the parking lot.

God's grace is amazing! Because of His grace we know Him. Because of His grace we breathe. Because of His grace we experience His great love! Because of His grace we have peace ... love ... and ... joy. Because of His grace we will never die!!!! Students need to know these things. Pray for them to get it.

May God's grace shine in you today!


Day 10 ... 22 Days to Change

Pray for students today to avoid sarcasm and critical spirits.

We all know what its like to be around a room full of students talking about each other and being overly sarcastic. Lets go before God today with this simple little request and see what happens.


Day 9 ... 22 Days to Change


I wonder how many students have an understanding God.
How many know how great He is?
How many really get the truth that the creator of all things is interested in what they do?
I wonder how many even come close to tracking with the idea that God's love is there and, one step further, available to them!?

Lets pray about this. Lets go to God and ask Him to reveal His great love to the students we all love so much. Lets ask God to open their eyes to how great He really is. — Lets really pray though. Lets not lift up a soft little prayer before a meal or before bed tonight. Lets be radical about it. Lets fast through lunch today and pray instead. Lets really pray. Text a friend and ask them to join you in this prayer. Send an email to everyone you know today and ask them to pray with you. Call your pastor and ask him to join in. Get the word out and lets pray.

Think about this as you pray

Before the mountains were born
or you brought forth the earth and the world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

You turn men back to dust,
saying, "Return to dust, O sons of men."

For a thousand years in your sight
are like a day that has just gone by,
or like a watch in the night.
Psalm 90:2-4


Day 8 - 22 Days to Change

Today, as you pray, ask God to give students direction for life and profession. Ask God to lead them into what He wants them to do and nothing else. Lets go to the Father and ask Him to call students to serve Him with all their gifts and talents. Lets ask Him to continue to lead some into full-time ministry and all into life-long commitment to Him. Lets ask God to raise up a generation of radical followers who give God their best and not their last.

Be encouraged ... you are making a difference and this thing you are doing is truly a battle. You are going before God for the lives of precious students. Please don't quit.

May God richly bless you this day!

For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Colossians 1:8-10


Day 7 - 22 Days to Change

Its very clear that today we need to pray for students in America to be strong when they are tempted.

Lets go before God today on their behalf and ask Him to give them wisdom to know what to do when they are tempted. Lets ask Him to urge them, through the Holy Spirit, to want to avoid temptation. Lets cry out once more for these students. Lets pray for them to avoid temptation ... and ... of course ... we should pray that for each other as well.

Lets meditate on this passage as we pray.
No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.
I Cor 10:13



Day 6 - 22 Days to Change

If worship is a full life response to the greatness and the grace of God, then we need to pray for students to be worshipers. Lets ask God to help us lead students to live lives based on true worship. Lets ask Him to lead us to the same kind of life.

This one is essential —as are the others— carrying more weight than we understand.

Ask God today to help you worship Him.
Ask God today to convert students into true worshipers of Him.
Ask God today to move us away from the little g gods that we worship and to focus on the only true God that is Him.
Ask God to clear your life of distractions.
Ask God to clear the lives of students of distractions.

God desires to be worshiped ... Look at what He said to Moses — Then the LORD said to Moses, "Get up early in the morning and confront Pharaoh as he goes to the water and say to him, 'This is what the LORD says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me. Exodus 8:20

Pray for students to worship the living God.


Day 5 - 22 Days to Change


You didn't even like waiting to read the next line of this entry.

What would it be like if students had patience? How different the world of a teenager be if they learned the art of waiting? What if they could wait for gratification? There's no doubt that their world, and ours for that matter, would be much better.

So ... lets go to the Father today and pray for students to have patience. Pray for students to wait. Pray for students to have the ability to see the need for them to patiently wait for God to bring things into motion. Pray for a patient generation!

Wow. Now that would be change!

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him ... Psalm 37:7


Day 4 ... 22 Days to Change

God wants us to know His Word!
My son, keep my words and store up my commands within you. Proverbs 7:1

So — Today lets focus on asking God to lead teenagers to His word. Lets pray specifically that God will open their hearts to what is in His Word and that students will listen. Lets cry out to God today on behalf of teenagers. Lets ask God to give us more passion for His Word.

There is an obvious and even overwhelming lack of Biblical knowledge and Biblical application in the lives of today's American student. Students don't know the Word of God and they don't do what it says — How can they do what it says if they don't know what it says?

We've known this for a long time. We have met about it ... build programs to address it ... written lots of books about it ... conducted research just to make sure our hunches were on track ... even sold more Biblical curriculum than maybe anytime in the history of the world. The one thing we haven't done a lot of — is pray about it! At least I haven't. It hasn't been high on my list and it should have been.

So ... lets go pray! Lets go ask God to break through the barrier that is keeping students out of His Word. Lets ask God to break our hearts for our own lack of Biblical knowledge and application. Ask God to do something big! ( as if He hasn't already set today in motion and is currently keeping all of creation in order )

Today is going to be a great day!


Day 3 ... 22 Days to Change

Today ... take a minute and pray for students to be protected from evil. Ask God to use you. Ask Him for a specific thing to do. Cry out to Him today.

Students in our nation need Him more than anything this Christmas.

God is a Refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.
Psalm 9:9


Only in Texas

22 Days to Change

We have figured out all there is to know about reaching students for Christ. We are doing so well. In fact, there are some churches that are seeing 500 hundred students a week attending their events!

The truth is, there is so much for us to learn, and so much for us to do. We are not doing a very good job of reaching teenagers for Christ. We are not leading them into passionate relationships with Christ. They are not being transformed.

We have even learned that close to 90% of the students in America have no connection with Jesus. There are thousands of teenagers all around us making the few really large youth groups, you know the ones we dream about leading someday, look like drops in a bucket.

Does that bug you?

I’m not sure what we’ve done wrong. Maybe it’s the way students are wired. Maybe we are reaping the fruit of careless generations before us. Maybe some of us aren’t so supposed to be youth workers. Maybe we haven’t stopped and asked God to help us. Maybe we fail to pray.

Something has to change.

2009 is 22 days away. What would happen if we took the next 22 days and got on our knees and prayed? I mean really prayed. I have an idea. Its crazy. Its way out there. Lets pray.

Find a significant amount of time to pray every morning for the next 22 days. Ask God to break your heart for the students you see each and every day. Ask God to open your eyes to what they need. Ask God to give you favor. Ask God to purify your life. Ask God to do something bigger than ever. Pray for names. Pray specifically. Ask God for a lot!

Great things will happen if we pray.

There is so much to learn!


10 Things to Do This Christmas

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