Changed Forever

In the movie Seven Pounds, Ben Thomas says, "I'm helping"when asked what he is doing ... his entire point is that he wants to change people's lives forever.

What a thought!!! What if we lived that way??? Are we supposed to live that way? I mean is the call of Christ on our lives a call to live in such a way that the people we meet are changed forever?

Because of Christ in our lives, the people we meet do have a chance to be changed forever. Think about it ... changed forever! I met a lady in downtown Ft. Worth yesterday. I shared with her what happens when someone who is a Christian dies ... I told her that when a Christian dies they are given eternal life with God in heaven. In a brief conversation, I helped this college age young lady get a taste of what God wants her to know and believe. All I did was a have a short conversation ... I was trying to point her to Jesus.

When I read the book of John ... when I learn more about John the Baptist ... I see a man who believed that Jesus would change people forever. John the Baptist really believed people needed to know Jesus. He believed and wanted others to believe as well.

Go check John 1 out sometime. Lets see a generation help people know Jesus and be changed forever.