God uses all kinds of things to get my attention

today he used a devotional i've had for years ... here's a taste of what i read

"Once Jesus had publicly determined to do His Father's will, Satan was after Him relentlessly."

"Nothing turns the head so quickly, or softens the will as much, as the appeal and clamor of the crowd."

"For my will is strengthened only as I carefully cultivate it in the presence of my heavenly Father. "To pray at all times in the Spirit" is the way to put on the full armor of God and thus be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil."

This is just a taste of what I get on a regular basis from this little book. God uses it on a regular basis to point me in a good direction ... you might check it out... Daily with the King, Glen Evans, Moody, 1979 ... its old, but worth it if you can find a copy.