Thoughts After Reading Ch 1 of Crazy Love

I love AW Tozer. I started reading his work back in the late 80's. He says things that challenge me, inspire me, and urge me closer to God. It looks like he has an influence on Francis Chan as well.

I love the way Chan writes and the approach he has to the concept of love ... I mean how can you talk or write about love without putting things in perspective. To know love you have to know God. Until we truly understand God our view of love will always be messed up.

Thinking back through the following truths about God was really good for me
~ God is Holy
~ God is eternal
~ God is all-knowing
~ God is all-powerful
~ God is fair and just

I remember first learning this stuff back in High School. My pastor was a great preacher who took the Bible apart for me each and every week. He spent long hours preparing in-depth talks (he called sermons) (using the term sermon ... not cool anymore hahaha ... we are so goofy sometimes). These talks consumed me. I took notes and wrote down everything he said every week. I ate it up! He helped me begin the journey and I'm missing those days today.

I remember taking these big concepts, the same ones Chan is talking about today, and growing closer to God. Pretty challenging stuff.

I like the way Chan keeps pressing us into action. He doesn't want us to read the book just for the sake of acquiring more knowledge ... he's pressing us to read and do ... that's good.

My favorite section of the chapter was ... the entire chapter ... I looked back through it to pull one part out as a fav and couldn't find one. He set it up just right with the opening, gave us some real meat, and ended with application ... perfect.

Today I want to sit and think about the great God I was put on the planet to love and serve.