Live a Quiet Life and Mind My Own Business

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all lived quiet lives and minded our own business???? How cool would it be if we simply lived the kind of life that focused on God and kept our eyes off ourselves!!! I don't know about you, but I want this kind of world. I want this kind of life. I want a world where people stay out of places where they don't belong. Where people treat one another with respect and honor. A world where the kind of lives we strive to live for are selfless and helpful to the people around us. I want a world where my kids can grow up and see what God wants and avoid the consumeristic world we are flooded by today. I want them to grow up!! I don't mean get old. I mean grow up and be like Christ. Like the man who lived a quiet life and minded His own business. He never forced His will on anyone. He modeled it. He led by example. He truly led the way.

I know. Its pie in the sky. Its idealistic. Its impossible. No wait ... if all that is true, if its pie in the sky — idealistic — impossible, then why did God put it in the Bible! Why even waste the space on the page???? Why even fill up my mind with the thought???? Why ask me to do something I can't???????

Here's the deal ... It is possible in Christ ... impossible in us. Through the power of Jesus we can do all things ... through the power of us, we can do nothing ... connected to Him, its all in the realm of possibility.

There you go. No what????????

I don't know!

maybe we should go stop and worship???!!!