He will have His way

I've been reading through the book of Mark for several weeks now. I am amazed at the profound truth I am reading and amazed at the things God is teaching me. Teaching me about me and teaching me about Him.

I'm going to try and start leaving a few thoughts from my study here ...

Today I was reading in Mark 12. Its the section of Scripture where Jesus told the parable of the vineyard. He built a vineyard, protected the vineyard, gave the vineyard all it needed, turned the vineyard over to farmers and left. After a while, at the time of the harvest, he sent people to go back and collect some of the fruit from the harvest. An interesting thing happened. The farmers ... the people who knew who the true owner of the vineyard was ... acted like fools. They beat the first messenger ... they beat many others ... I guess they wanted control. Power ... lust of the flesh.

Finally ... the Bible says, the owner of the vineyard sent his son ... the son he loved. The farmers went crazy at this point. They completely lost their minds. They said ... this is the heir. They knew who he was. The heir is a powerful person and one you wold think the farmers would want to make happy. But they did just the opposite. The were fools because they killed him. They were fools because in killing the heir they completely cut their own throats. The heir was their chance to have relationship with the owner. What drove them to this point? How could they be so foolish? I mean how can a group of people be so stupid and focused on lies????

The story goes on. The owner comes down and kills the farmers and gives the vineyard to other farmers. The desire for power was the crushing blow to the ones who had been given a trust.

Today as I read these words I am blown away with concern for my own soul. I wonder how many times I have tried to go for power and completely gone around God's desire. I wonder how many times I have beaten the messenger??? How many times have I acted like a fool and rejected God's perfect plan????

So for me today ... I want to embrace the messengers from God and listen to what they are saying to me. I've gone through a lot lately and I just want to hear God and do what He wants me to do. I know God takes these things serious. He will have His way with this foolish little world filled with finite people who think they are so smart.

This is where I am today.