My Dad

One year ago this morning I was sitting in my house dealing with the news that my dad had just passed away to be with Jesus. The news hit me like a rock ... needless to say, my role model, my friend, my dad and — tied with my mom— my biggest fan was no longer going to be with me here on this earth. I sat still for what seemed to be like hours.

I had no idea what this year would bring. I had no idea that so many emotions would come my way. I had no idea I could miss someone like I miss my dad.

As I write, I wonder ... what is he doing right now? What is eternal life in heaven like? How much time does He spend with Jesus? What is he doing in heaven? I found myself earlier today writing a prayer to Jesus and asking Him to let my dad know I am thinking about him today ... I felt strange asking for that ... I just wanted my dad to know I still miss him. I really wish I could hear his voice again. Just one time.

I don't ever want to forget my dad. I want to remember his love, his face, the days at the lake, the times in the mountains, the trips, the prayers, the mornings at the lake, the days in the snow with the jeep, little league baseball games, learning to drive at the terminal, sitting on his couch, getting gum on the way to church, watching him work, hunting, cutting wood, learning to shoot a shotgun, walking along the creek at Uncle Kens, the day he preached at the church, the talks, the drives, the days getting ready for all the fun we had, and spending time with him. The memories go on and on and on.

I hope to be remembered this way. I hope to be half the man he was. I miss him so much!!!

As year two begins, let me pay tribute to a man of God.
James Eldon Burks ... a man of God ... may the things he lived for live forever!