Day 11 - 22 Days to Change

God's grace is amazing! Do we believe it? Do we really?
Then lets ask God to open the eyes of the students we minister to every week and show them this amazing grace.

Here are a few things to get you started this morning.

Ask God to slow students down so they can listen and experience His grace.
Ask God to give you a better understanding of His grace so you can share it more effectively.
Take a few minutes today and meditate on the word grace. Journal. Write down what it means.
After you journal, ask God to show you one student that needs this grace.
Drive over to a school where you have students today and pray in the parking lot.

God's grace is amazing! Because of His grace we know Him. Because of His grace we breathe. Because of His grace we experience His great love! Because of His grace we have peace ... love ... and ... joy. Because of His grace we will never die!!!! Students need to know these things. Pray for them to get it.

May God's grace shine in you today!