Sept 11

Its September 11th. I’m sitting on a plane. I can’t help but think back to seven years ago. On that day people just like me sat on planes on their way to meetings, to visit family, to work, to play, to retire, etc. People just like me. On that day they were forced to be a part of one of the darkest days of our lives. These innocent people were forced to be a part of one of the greatest tragedies we may ever face. It makes me sad and causes me pain to think back on that day. I have often wondered how different my life would have been had that never happened. I’m certain things would be much different.

I feel like I lost something big that day. I feel like part of me died. I feel like I changed.

As a result of the terrible decisions those people made, we are forced into a world that uses words like terror, war, and death like they are just words. My youngest daughter has lived all but one year of here life with this nation at war. She has little to no idea what its like to live in a place where there is no war. How terrible that is!

However, as America moves into year 8, we must do so with hope in our hearts. We must remember God like never before and rely on Him. We must throw our lives on all He is. We must let our souls rest in Him because His love lasts forever. We must trust in Him. We must rely on Him. We must place our faith in Him. We must let the peace that passes all understanding overwhelm our lives. It is essential that we worship Him.

It is true that we are in His hands. It is true that He is in heaven doing everything He pleases. It is true that nothing on this little round ball is happening out of His sight. It is a fact that He is in control!

Like the singer says … it’s a new day, past has gone and life has just begun. He’s given me ways to fly again, strength for today and color for my grey. It’s a new day since you came my way!

The evil one would love for us to dwell on the past and let it steal our joy, peace and life. He would have his way if we focused on the death and destruction we all experienced on September 11, 2001. Therefore, let us lean ino God and worship Him like never before. Lets focus on Truth. Lets fix our eyes on the greatness of Love. Lets shout from the mountains that salvation has come.

Lets tell the world that mercies are pouring down on those who are followers of Jesus Chirst. Lets unite together for good. Lets strive to let the only war we fight on this planet is the one against evil.

I have hope!!!! I know God!!!! He is truly in control!!!!!