Day 22 - 22 Days to Change

Day 22 already!

It really is amazing ... we've been praying for 22 days.

There's no way to no what's really taken place. Only God Himself understands what happens when we pray the way we have. We do know God wants us to pray and that our prayers make a difference. We do know our prayers are not in vain. We do know our loving God cares. He hears and responds.

As we wrap this up, lets pray one more time. Lets make this another day of thanksgiving. Lets thank God for hearing our prayers. Lets thank Him for the blessing we get to experience by involving ourselves with teenagers. Lets thank Him for His love for us and love for the students we face day in and day out. Lets thank Him for answering our prayers.

He is mighty to save!
Praise be to God for the great things He has done and ... is doing.
Glory to Him.
He is truly good.
He is truly love.